Build the youth

As an Active Youth Advocate for over 20 years, I have Invested my time and effort into the youth. The youth are the foundation of our community and our future leaders and it is pivotal that a mentor provides a blueprint for their success.

Public Safety and Community Involvement

Public safety security is the function of Law Enforcement Agencies which ensures the protection of our citizens in our Community. One way that I will ensure Public Safety is establish is through trust, confidence and building relationships among the community. The way that my office will accomplish this is, by providing Community Outreach Programs. In our constituents time of need they know they can depend on Precinct 1 and have the confidence that we will get the job done right.

Rebuilding a Broken Relationship Between Law Enforcement Agencies and Precinct 1

There’s a lack of communication and a failure to work with one another to accomplish a common goal.
Precinct 1 has isolated themselves from other agencies. My goal is to establish a better line of communication among agencies in the San Marcos area.